Unified Theory

"Again: This one goes here, that one goes there!"

The arrival of a Thresher to the Tower always gets the Hangar buzzing. Today more than usual. 

The Eliksni engineer Niik waits just beyond the black and yellow dashed line to greet the vessel on its arrival, joined by Ana Bray and her mechanical hound, Archie. Niik kneels to run a hand down Archie's back as the Thresher finishes its docking maneuver and throws open its cargo hatch, revealing the battered and blackened hull of a Scale, a form of drone deployed by the Pyramid fleet. 

"So," Ana leans over toward Niik, "how much do you know about this, uh… what was her name?" 

"Zahn'ra," Niik says with a slow blink at Ana. "And I do not know much of her. Except that she came on the recommendation of Empress Caiatl, and that she has a 'questionable family heritage'?" 

Ana raises a brow. "The arms dealer?" she asks. But any reply from Niik is lost when the Pyramid Scale is kicked out of the cargo hold. It rolls down the ramp, losing pieces of its black hull as it goes, then tumbles a few feet, landing near Niik and Ana. The Cabal that steps out of the Thresher has ground her tusks down to flat disks, etched with symbols inlaid with gold. She, like many of Caiatl's retinue, wears no pressure suit, instead having chosen to undergo pressure acclimation training to safely survive in Earth's atmosphere. 

Zahn'ra bends over the Pyramid Scale, then hefts it over her shoulder with ease as she closes the distance between Niik and Ana.

"You the engineers?" she asks, looking them over.

"Of sorts," Ana says. "Ana Bray, and this is Niik of House Light." 

Zahn'ra nods, adjusting the weight of the scale on her shoulder. "Cute cat." she says of Archie, who tilts his head to the side.

"Dog." Niik looks to Ana for visual confirmation as she corrects Zahn'ra.

"Dog." Zahn'ra repeats. "They an engineer too?" Niik can see a twinge of embarrassment flash across Zahn'ra's face the moment the question slips past her tusks.

"N-no," Ana says with a glance to Archie.

Zahn'ra hides her embarrassment with a feigned, casual shrug, then pushes past the two while gesturing for them to follow. "C'mon, let's tear this thing down and rebuild it."

Niik and Ana exchange a look, with the latter offering a wry smile before following Zahn'ra. "What'd you have in mind?" Anna asks.

"Dunno," Zahn'ra says with confident uncertainty. "Maybe a big gun?"

Niik raises one hand, hustling along behind the pair, Archie trailing behind. "Let me fetch our Servitor," she suggests. "I have an alternative idea in mind. Something Holliday would have liked."

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