Vestment of the Taken King

"I have died many times but these deaths were only temporary."

Chalco Yong disappears behind the shimmering curtain of surface tension. Lisbon-13 follows without hesitation, leaving Fenchurch to stare at the vertigo-inducing, vertical plane of water. He reaches out, hesitantly touching the surface, only for Lisbon to reach back, grab him by the wrist, and yank him through.

"Everis," Lisbon mutters once he pulls Fenchurch to the other side. The Warlock doesn't even realize he's hyperventilating. "Get it together." He gives Fenchurch a warning look, then nods at Chalco walking ahead across the maddeningly dry ground.

It takes Fenchurch a moment to realize that he is not underwater anymore. Liquid methane drips off his suit and turns to ice when it hits the compacted silt. The cavernous space is suffocatingly dark. It will be hours yet before the sun rises on this section of Titan, yet the lambent shades of starlight twinkling in the void beyond fill Fenchurch with a lurching sense of dread.

He wants to ask, 'Where are we?,' but the words fail to get past his lips. Instead, Fenchurch gathers himself and joins Chalco at her side.

Chalco raises her hand, and three drones come to heel behind her. "We are the only extant team of Hidden to visit this site." She sends the drones up into the air with a wave. "What you are about to see is not to be discussed outside of official reports."

Fenchurch takes a step forward, squinting against the dark, until the drones sweep the terrain with their floodlights. Then, as the alien landscape comes into sharp focus, one word finally escapes his lips:


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