Boots of the Taken King

"If I am defeated on my throne, then I will die. My work will end."

What appeared to be a silhouette of coral growths in the dark is revealed to be the mountainous remains of Oryx, the Taken King. The Hive god's immense carcass lays strewn across Titan's seafloor. Both Lisbon-13 and Fenchurch are taken aback by the sight, but Chalco advances toward it.

"The Lucent Brood performed a ritual here." Chalco motions to the shattered remnants of a Hive Ghost on the ground. "We believe they were trying to forcibly resurrect Oryx by combining heretical Hive necromancy with the powers of that Ghost. They were disrupted."

Lisbon steps forward, unable to look away from Oryx's cadaverous face. "Is that possible?"

"Officially: no. Unofficially…" Chalco glances at Lisbon. "That's what we're here to investigate. The body is still… active. With Taken energy and Darkness. The Guardians who intercepted this ritual reported finding free-floating fragments of consciousness on the way to this site. Memories from the corpse."

"It's alive?" Fenchurch whispers, hesitant to approach Oryx's remains.

Chalco shakes her head. "That's unclear. We need to bring back samples for further analysis. Ikora wants this entire site quarantined and the body exhumed, pending transport to a secure location for further analysis."

Fenchurch checks his talisman. Still black. He glances between Chalco and the corpse. "Are we the first team to come down here?"

Chalco looks at Fenchurch, then down to the ground. Her gaze lingers there for a moment in tense silence. Finally, she fixes her gaze ahead to the corpse. "We are the only extant team of Hidden to have visited this site."

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