Ana Bray — Rasputin: Full Power!

"Big Red is locked and loaded." Ana beams at Rasputin's hologram, rattling off statistics and terminology. Ghost bobs along in the know.

"This would have been impossible without Zavala acting as a firebrand." She turns introspective for a moment. "It's easy to find reasons to stay away when you're isolated. Easy to forget what kept us close. Coming together won the Gap, and it's going to knock the Almighty out of the sky. It'll be how we meet the future.

Ana's stature rises, proud and decisive.

"When this is over Sol will be so much more open to us. Red's new defense matrix is a scaffold. We could even plop a nice colony down in his shadow on Mars. Just talking about new settlements gives me goose pimples!"

She feigns a shiver and cracks a wide smile at you. "Goodbye war with the Cabal. Hello second Golden Age. The future is bright, Guardian. Shine on."