Ana Bray — Rasputin Rising

Ana nods in recognition of successful integrations into Raputin's system. She turns to acknowledge you.

"This is incredible. We had expected a few hiccups if I'm honest." Ana gives a slightly uneasy chuckle.

"Integrating so many systems at once leaves potential for fragmentation. But each bunker connection reads like we're rebuilding old neurons scrubbed from his brain. Like he's remembering." She pauses for a moment in consideration.

"You know, before Zavala came to us about the Almighty we were skipping around the system…" She gives you a quick wary look before continuing. "…chasing leads. Ran into a lot of locked doors. These connections are going to change all that. I've made my travel records available to the Vanguard. Most of them."

Ana notices you about to speak and gives a knowing look. "Big Red and I found something we might need your help with, but now's not the time. Giant kamikaze spaceship first, Ana's baggage later. Yeah?"