Banshee-44 — Forging Your Own Path

Banshee-44 waves you over. "Got an interesting request for you here," he says. "I've got the rough specs for a weapon, but the particulars depend on how you gather the combat data."

"You can tackle this one your way: help Zavala with some strikes, do Crucible matches for Shaxx, or run through Gambit for that other guy."

Banshee-44 waves his hand. "I forget his name—smells funny, snakes on his clothes?"

"Anyway," he continues, "the weapon will come out the same no matter how you get the data, so just help whomever you like the most."

"Me, I'd go with Zavala. I don't know the Drifter, and that guy with the horns on his hat is just too loud."