Lord Saladin — Power of Faith

"Young Wolf. You've been reckless." Lord Saladin measures your presence, up and down.

"You and Zavala both know better." He scoffs at you. "Is the City so desperate for allies that you've forgotten the Light? Forgotten what I have taught you?" He shakes his head. "Look upon the Traveler. It is the only ally you will ever need."

The Iron Lord's frustration propels his every word.

"Your scoundrel friend says nothing kills a Guardian faster than a Guardian. He's not wrong." Saladin is stern and unyielding. "Hubris toppled the Warmind where we failed. It pilfered our land as we huddled listening to static."

Saladin leans forward and growls, "Take care you don't fall prey to it, or the Darkness won't be who comes for you."