Sloane — The Will of a Titan

Sloane takes the recovered tech and listens to your report. "Savathûn," she repeats. "So it's worse than I thought."

"I was able to do a little research on this tech. Pieces of survival gear from the Golden Age—and they're just my size. When that ship decides to land, I'll be here to deal with whatever walks out of it."

The resolute look in Sloane's eyes stops you from speaking.

"When it all started, me, Zavala, Shaxx… we didn't build the wall; we were the wall." The unbreakable woman's voice is unexpectedly soft. "I told Zavala once: I was there for the beginning, and I'll be there for the end."

She smiles. Her crow's feet crinkle.

"It's not the end yet."