A New Den

Variks: Reef different now. Petra mauled by grief, loss of her Queen. Same for House Wolves. Banner is torn, Kell is dead. And so they seek a cave to call home.

Valley Of the Kings, Meridian Bay. Mars

Variks: Fallen Houses must hunt. Prowl, scavenge, defend. House Devils has Earth. House Winter has Venus. And now Wolves claim Mars. Cabal will not be pleased.


Guardian is ambushed by Cabal

Petra: Guardian, stop! I'm reading a large platoon of Cabal soldiers just over that ridge.

Guardian kills Cabal ambush forces

Variks: Welcome to the front, Petra. You are well?

Petra: Well enough. Guardian, you're more or less clear to the base entrance. Stay alert. The legion is mobilizing all across the planet's surface.

Variks: You are close. They will have your scent now. Be wary.

Iron Line — Guardian finds the Fallen

Petra: There! Clear them out. You can't let them take that base.

Guardian defeats Fallen

Petra: Very nice, Guardian. And thank you for giving me something else to think about. She never would have said it out loud, but the Queen respected you a great deal.

Variks: As do I. Wolves here broken, but still more remain. Will continue to track and look for signs of new leader, new Kell.

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A Kell Rising

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Beyond Light Campaign Introduction

A Kell Rising

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