Beyond Light Campaign Introduction

The Exo Stranger: I've seen terrible things born out in the darkness. Every moment brings them closer. My future does not begin here. But yours does. It's time to step beyond the Light. And it all begins… with a Splinter.

Variks traverses the Europan surface in pursuit of an old communication center. Variks places his cache on the table behind him and activates the comm relay.

Variks: My friends. We are in great danger. Earth, the Great Machine, Eliksni… and Human.

The Exo Stranger quietly transmats behind Variks.

Variks: Darkness walks among us. We are all in great danger. My kind must survive.

The Exo Stranger opens Variks' cache revealing a Splinter of Darkness within.

Variks: Please… send help… There is not much time.

The Exo Stranger receives a transmission, altering Variks. She grabs the Splinter and transmats away as Variks turns around in confusion.

Variks: What? Where…

Fallen Skiffs descend upon the Variks's location and multiple soldiers surround the area.

Variks: Oh no! She's already here.

Eramis: Variks!

Variks: Please! Anyone!

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