Quest: Legacy Code, Data Recovery

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by Volts42

BrayTech Futurescape, Mars

Ana Bray: I've been digging through Rasputin's data repository, and I've found a blank spot in his artificial cortex. It's not like it was erased - his brain is structured to work like ours. It's more like it was suppressed. Now, some may think that mere mortals shouldn't be poking around at suppressed Warmind memories. But there is nothing mere or mortal about you. That's a compliment, by the way, in case it sounds weird. We're gonna solve this puzzle together.

Glacial Drift, Mars

Ana Bray: I've been digging through Rasputin's files, and there's a similar pattern that keeps popping up. After some analysis I've deciphered it. It's a set of coordinates! Head over there and check it out.

The Guardian heads towards the coordinates.

Ghost: There's nothing here, Ana. Wait… I'm detecting a unique energy signature.

Ana Bray: That can't be a coincidence! Follow it and see where it leads!

The Guardian heads towards the energy signature. Ghost scans the source.

Ghost: Ana, we found the source of the reading. My sensors tell me it's a DVALIN core. Let me see if I can pull data from it. There's a reference to IKELOS… a serial number… it's giving off a faint signal. Transmitting now.

Ana Bray: Hmm… the serial number links up with a chest that's marked as missing in the database. Search the facility. It's got to be there somewhere.

Alton Dynamo, Mars

The Guardian defeats the Hive and the Cabal they encounter as they search for the chest. The Guardian finds the missing chest.

Ghost: Ana, we've found the chest, but it's empty. Must have been the Red Legion.

Ana Bray: Is there any part of this facility that they haven't picked clean?

Ghost: Don't worry, we'll find them.

The Guardian searches for Ana's components. The Guardian finds the chest with the first component.

Ghost: Ana, we've retrieved your… well, we don't know what it is. The data is encrypted.

Ana Bray: The encryption is a sequence, a really familiar one. But this is only one piece of the data. There's got to be another. We can use this piece to track the missing one.

The Guardian searches for the second component. The Cabal commanders Val Bulgur and Val Garurc appear. The Guardian defeats Val Bulgur and Val Garurc. A barrier surrounding the chest with the second component disappears. The Guardian opens the chest.

Ghost: We have it, Ana. Sending you the data now.

Ana Bray: This isn't just a random sequence. It's an algorithm! I know what it's for! Get to the core and I'll explain later!

The Guardian heads towards the core.

Ana Bray: This algorithm, it's an omni-key. My omni-key. It can unlock anything in Rasputin's database. But that's not all. Load the data components you recovered into the core.

The Guardian uploads the data components into the core.

Ana Bray: Those data components aren't just useless code, they're blueprints. And Rasputin is recombining them in the core!

Ghost: Blueprints? for what?

The Guardian defeats the Cabal which appear. Commander Truvul appears. The Guardian defeats Commander Truvul. The Guardian investigates the reunited artifact and picks up a Forged Engram.

Ghost: I've never seen anything quite like this before. I wonder what's inside?

Ana Bray: A piece of my past.

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Quest: Piece of the Past, Data Recovery


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Quest: Piece of the Past, Data Recovery


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Quest: Piece of the Past, Data Recovery


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Quest: Piece of the Past, Data Recovery