Adventure: Target: The Mindbender

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by Volts42

Jetsam of Saturn, Tangled Shore

Ghost: This is a synaptic amplifier - a mind-control device specifically calibrated to interface with the Hive. We're on the trail of the Baron called the Mindbender.

Ghost: I've traced the original signal to a nearby cave. Let's check it out.

The Guardian finds an amplifier protecting some Hive. The Guardian destroys the device and defeats the Hive.

Ghost: Another amplifier.

Ghost scans the amplifier.

Ghost: I need a minute to triangulate the signal's origin.

The Guardian defends Ghost against the Hive while he locates the signal's origin.

Ghost: Got the coordinates. The signal's coming from that crashed tombship.

The Guardian heads towards the tombship. They find and defeat a Mindbent Ogre. The Guardian finds an amplifier. Ghost scans the amplifier.

Ghost: This one has a safeguard. I'll need a minute to disable it.

The Guardian defends Ghost against the Scorn while he disables the amplifier.

Ghost: That's the last amplifier. The signal we're tracking now is from the source. The Mindbender.

The Guardian heads towards the signal.

Ghost: This guy's file says he's obsessed with creating his own throne world, like Crota and Oryx had. The Mindbender thinks he can create it by killing powerful beings. But that should only work for the Hive.

Hall of the Exalted, Tangled Shore

The Guardian defeats the Hive and Scorn which they encounter. The Guardian finds Hiraks, the Mindbender. The Guardian fights Hiraks and the Hive. A portal opens.

Ghost: Stay on him!

Hiraks, the Mindbender enters the portal. The Guardian follows Hiraks through the portal.

Ascendant Plane

Hiraks, the Mindbender appears.

Ghost: How did the Mindbender get a throne-world this big? Oh. Cayde.

The Guardian defeats Hiraks, the Mindbender.

Ghost: We've got to go; this place is destabilizing.

The Guardian enters the portal.

Hall of the Exalted, Tangled Shore

Ghost: I want to think Cayde can rest easy now that the throne-world built from his death has been destroyed. Six names off our list. Only two left - then Uldren. Maybe Petra or Spider has a lead on the Machinist and the Fanatic for us.

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