Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Transmission from Caiatl

Bound in Sorrow

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

Following Caiatl's successful ritual of severance, the Guardian receives a transmission at the H.E.L.M. holoprojector, originating from the Eligos Lex V, flagship of the Cabal Ascendancy.

Caiatl: It is strange… what we are to those around us, and what we are not. The Dominus was a hero to my people: self-made and defiant. He inspired many. But the Leviathan's trickeries allowed me to see Ghaul as the Vanguard did: dangerous, relentless… cruel. Those were qualities I embodied to survive Calus's interpretation of fatherhood. They kindled in me a stifling reliance on self, on action… and nothing else. Most of all, Cabal wish to be seen, our conquests recognized and ratified by the shockwaves they send through the empire… the impact we leave. But an endless war in pursuit of glory leaves only ashes. When I am gone… it won't be the impact of my conquests that shape the empire. Instead… it will be the quiet of peace, in the company of allies. Well fought, Guardian.

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Return to Eris

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Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Return to Eris

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