Breakneck: Interlude with Caiatl

Caiatl: These are precarious times. I came to see an end to Calus once and for all. But—and I say this with considerable restraint—we are not ready. I've witnessed a great many patriarch of the Cabal Empire poisoned by obsession: Ghaul with the Light, Calus with the Darkness. I worry for Osiris. Recklessness can manifest into obsession. He must rein in his tempestuousness to hope to defeat Calus. "So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak."

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Transmission from Caiatl

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Breakneck: Meet with Nimbus


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Breakneck: Meet with Osiris

Breakneck: Conversation between Osiris and Nimbus

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Breakneck: Meet with Nimbus