Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Shame: Debrief with Eris

Bound in Sorrow

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

Following Crow's defeat during the ritual of severance, it is clear that severing Calus' connection to the lunar Pyramid will be harder than expected. The Guardian returns to the Crown of Sorrow to formulate a plan with Eris.

Eris Morn: It appears the situation is far more complex than I first believed. The Leviathan has become an extension of the lunar Pyramid, channeling feelings of shame and regret into reality. The Pyramid did so as a security system, driving away those who would tamper with it. But what is happening on the Leviathan… this is purposeful. Malicious. As the Nightmares on the Leviathan spread, it could threaten Earth and beyond. Calus's bond with the Pyramid endangers all of us. Crow was unprepared to face his own demons when we attempted to sever it. And though I may be able to counsel him through the next confrontation, that will take time. You should return to the Leviathan. Continue harvesting the Nightmares and disrupting Calus's plans. We will speak again soon.

Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Transmission from Caiatl

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Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Resolve: Return to Eris

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