Breakneck: Meet with Osiris

Saint-14: Empress Caiatl's forces will help push back Calus's advances.

Osiris: We've done nothing but waste time!

Saint-14: I understand… but I cannot lose you again in your eagerness to fight. It is not the same as before…

Osiris: I am contemplating your most recent… outburst with Strand to see if there are opportunities for improvement.

Ghost: It was out of control; we did the best we could.

Osiris: We need to do better! We don't know what Calus and the Witness want, but if it will have an effect on us all… I—I can't allow that to happen. I must ponder more on these "strands." You should consult with the Cloud Striders to consider what our next steps could be.

Ghost: Osiris…

Osiris: I'm fine, Ghost. I'll be fine. Go on.

Breakneck: Meet with Nimbus

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Breakneck: Meet with Nimbus

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