Depth Reception I: Zavala and Drifter

Zavala: And that's it? It just… works?

Drifter: It's not a scam, if that's what you're asking. Ain't gonna make you put in some Glimmer and pull a lever.

Zavala: Mm-hmm.

Drifter: See… the way I look at it, this has always been the plan. Playing the game, Gambit… the machine. The Nine taking the long view.

Zavala: You think the Nine were telling you to run Gambit… for this. That they saw everything coming, and THAT'S how they chose to prepare us?

Drifter: Dunno, boss. Maybe they see the future. Maybe they're just a few floors above and can see further down the road than we can. Maybe we're all just squintin' at specks, looking for meaning. What I'm saying is… it works. It'll get us what we need, and maybe, if we're lucky, get Sloane what she needs too.

Zavala: And what is that?

Drifter: A win.

Prison of Elders

Category: The Nine

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