Depth Reception VI: Sloane and Zavala

Sloane: Commander. On Titan, I… had a moment of weakness. Xivu Arath—

Zavala: At ease, Sloane. You resisted the will of a Hive God. An apology isn't necessary.

Sloane: [sighs] Everything I'd done since they took Titan… that was the moment. And I almost faltered.

Zavala: "A mettle tested leaves an impression." Something Saladin used to recite… when we were young.

Sloane: It's more than an impression. I accepted a lot, thinking I wasn't coming back. When we secured Titan before, it was survival. But we had hope, a goal. We won, and it was over. This time… [sighs] something's dragging me back. Like… like that struggle's all there is.

Zavala: That sounds all too familiar.

Sloane: Oh?

Zavala: I… was married once.

Sloane: You're kidding? What was her name, this woman who wooed "Old Man" Zavala?

Zavala: Safiyah. Together… we raised a son. Hakim.

Sloane: Oh…

Zavala: It was the Dark Age. I was Saladin's charge. Young, reckless, enchanted by… [sighs] A warm memory, now.

Sloane: I've never heard you talk about those days. Is Rehnpeir's Drunken Noodle still there, or'd we lose it in some catastrophe?

Zavala: It's still standing. Expanded, actually. Let's talk in person. I'll clear the night's schedule.

Sloane: Uh oh. Must be for someone important.

Zavala: An old friend.

Sloane: Well, I don't know what I would've done if Rehnpeir's blew up while I was gone. Sometimes those noodles held me together.

Zavala: We would have rebuilt it. Brick by brick, if that's what it took.

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