Depth Reception IV: Zavala and Saladin

Zavala: The ever-forward march of time has a humorous way of looping in on itself. Doesn't it?

Lord Saladin: In some ways. A long-lived perspective makes it difficult not to see trends die and resurface.

Zavala: Do you think that's how the Witness sees us? Variations of potential, or lack thereof?

Lord Saladin: What's really on your mind?

Zavala: Sloane. She is singularly focused on her mission. That type of focus… you forget to come up for air. It's like a death when it's over.

Lord Saladin: Your command can be an anchor—keep her from drifting. That's what I tried to do for you.

Zavala: I seem to recall pushing back against your methods quite often.

Lord Saladin: The Dark Age drove us to extremes. Your style of leadership is… more refined than mine.

Zavala: It wasn't long ago that I was your pupil. Since then, I'd like to think we've developed a trust beyond authority or duty. How did you foster that friendship while being my superior?

Lord Saladin: You're not listening, Zavala. I didn't. Remember, you left my tutelage. All I did was give you the lessons I thought you needed to survive. Nothing more.

Zavala: You're saying I can't be all things.

Lord Saladin: I'm saying I can't tell you what you want, because our friendship was not of my making. When the Iron Lords fell, when the Red Legion caged the Traveler, when the Pyramids filled our skies… my heart was not open. You were. Despite your doubts, others see you as a pillar of strength. They're drawn to the shade you provide. Just… stay standing.

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