Depth Reception II: Saladin and Saint-14

Lord Saladin: Saint? What is it? I'm busy.

Saint-14: Does Caiatl know you use her ship to jam my messages to the deputy commander?

Lord Saladin: Ah. This. [sighs] Sloane doesn't want your help. We're allowed to carry our own burdens.

Saint-14: You and I do not speak for years. When a battlefield brings us together, you choose to lecture. I am not one of your Iron beasts, Saladin. Do not treat me as a pupil.

Lord Saladin: Then don't act like one. You've been alive too long to be this naive.

Saint-14: There is no shame in asking for help, nor harm in offering it.

Lord Saladin: She isn't asking.

Saint-14: Is that why you don't? I see a friend drowning, their armor pulling them down, so I lift them up from the water, yes?

Lord Saladin: Sloane held Titan, Lightless, during the Red War. She thrives under pressure.

Saint-14: Tell me, Saladin… are you not doing the same as me?

Lord Saladin: That's preposterous.

Saint-14: You shield Sloane against my "overbearance," do you not? Did she ask you to do that?

Lord Saladin: I… you're not turning this back onto me.

Saint-14: You are softer than the Cabal think—more like fluffy dog than iron wolf.

Lord Saladin: Point taken. I'll remove the jamming signal. Just… trust enough to let her learn to swim before you dive in after her.

Saint-14: I will temper my outreach to Sloane—a little. Perhaps I will shift those efforts to opening your heart, Lord Valus.

Lord Saladin: Mmm…

Saint-14: Haha! I win, ha! Goodbye, Saladin.

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