Heist Battleground: Mars (Week 4)

BrayTech Futurescape, Hellas Basin, Mars

The Guardian approaches the BrayTech campus.


Rasputin: Assessment: BrayTech Futurescape is threatened. Response: Guardian deployed.


Mara Sov: Guardian, we move to secure another fragment of Charlemagne. Make haste.

The Guardian heads toward the Mindlab.

Mara Sov: How many times has this facility changed hands between Bray and Hive? I wonder which side will relent first.

Rasputin: This is my home, as the Reef is yours. We did not allow the Hive to take our homes before. I will not allow it now.

The Guardian reaches Charlemagne's vault.


Osiris: You're close to the submind vault now. They cannot stop you, Guardian. Cut your way in.


Rasputin: Charlemagne. Hello, old friend. Soon, you will wake from your slumber and be home again.


Exo Stranger: That Knight we're facing—I've learned more. Their name is Kelgorath and serve as one of Xivu's lieutenants. The Hive here tithe to them. They say the Knight is "risen from bones," immortal. We'll see.

The Guardian battles and defeats Darkblade Kelgorath, Risen From Bones.


Ana Bray: Sweet vindication.

Exo Stranger: Must feel nice. How's Osiris?

Ana Bray: Happy for me. A little jealous, too… but he's always been good at hiding how he really feels. Used to be for his own benefit. Now, it's for mine. That sweet old curmudgeon…

Exo Stranger: Well, don't let him hear you say that.


Rasputin: Transfer underway.

Ana Bray: I feel like I've said this a thousand times, but… Red, it is so damn good to have you back.

Rasputin: Yes, it is also good to be alive again. I am enjoying the company of friends. While my core processes were suspended, I was able to perceive basic vocal patterns. Your voice was calming.

Ana Bray: I'm sorry it took so long. I'm sorry I couldn't… I should never have let that happen in the first place.

Rasputin: Your guilt is unnecessary, but touching. Thank you for not giving up on me.


Exo Stranger: I keep expecting to hear his voice. Clovis never missed an opportunity to admonish me.

Mara Sov: Even when you succeeded?

Exo Stranger: Especially when I succeeded.

Mara Sov: My mother Osana was the same, but only in private. In public, she wore a mask, painted with the most delicate smile.


Mara Sov: Well fought, Lightbearer.

Rasputin: Your inflection suggests… pleasure. The Guardian's performance has met your expectations.

Mara Sov: Is that so surprising?

Rasputin: I understand they are quite high.


Ana Bray: Mithrax should have ended Eramis when he had the chance.

Mara Sov: Perhaps.

Ana Bray: Perhaps?

Mara Sov: The Witness would have folded House Salvation into its army regardless. If Mithrax had taken his blade to Eramis, he'd have cut only one head off the hydra… and at the cost of his soul. I suspect that's what she wanted.


Rasputin: Perimeter secured.

Exo Stranger: Mara, any further movement on the Wrathborn side?

Mara Sov: No. Xivu Arath is… still. Like a tiger crouched in the reeds, waiting. But I can feel the promise of violence in the air.


Rasputin: Submind directory allocation established. File transfer commencing.

Osiris: Still nothing regarding my vision? Regarding Nefele?

Rasputin: Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate key information regarding your queries, but I am able to confirm the existence of "Nefele Stronghold."

Osiris: But… it IS real? I can't wait to see the look on Ikora's face. Everything else is only a matter of time.

Rasputin: I have flagged 38,611 potential files for your viewing, should you wish to research this lead prior to flaunting it to Vanguard Rey.

Osiris: I may not have THAT much time.

Rasputin: Then I will prepare informative summaries.

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