Heist Battleground: Moon (Final Weeks)

Heist Battleground, Moon

The Guardian attempts to gain entry to the Seraph bunker.

Exo Stranger: Xivu Arath's Scorn puppet is still picking over this Seraph bunker. There's still plenty worth stealing; let's clear them out.

Eramis: She did not deserve this. Give her a good death.

The Guardian ventures inside to reach the submind Malahayati.

Osiris: The depths of this place still stir unease in me. Loss imprinted in the dust, without wind to sweep it away.

The Guardian attempts to breach the Submind Vault Security Door.

Eramis: Abandon this. It will only lead to more bloodshed. It will only lead to more pain. How can I make you understand?

The Guardian battles and defeats Once-Phyris, The Exhumed Tether.


Eramis: It is over. Silence hangs between us, and still blood is shed. Still this mockery of a life serves the bidding of the Witness.

Osiris: She was your friend? It must be difficult to see her like this.

Eramis: We were sisters of battle. Our lives held in each other's arms. Our fear quelled by feeling the other at our back.

Osiris: That is a loss that I too carry. Let us honor them as they were in life, and forget the circumstances of their death.

Eramis: Captain Phyris… find rest.

Osiris: Sagira… know peace.


Exo Stranger: I don't know where we go from here. I don't know how to make the best of this.

Mara Sov: You've been one of my guiding stars for some time now, Elsie. Let me offer some advice. Uncertainty is the potential for a life unfettered by the weight of knowing. Your choices will be your own.

Exo Stranger: You're saying I'm going to have to get used to being surprised.

Mara Sov: I've kept myself on a road to reach an end I thought was my duty. I'm saying you're free from that fate now. Act on that freedom.


Ana Bray: Rasputin's gone, but his legacy's spread between all these little fragments now. The subminds, Felwinter… even that cute little robo-mutt of his.

Osiris: He lives on through the doors he opened for us… and yes, through that robotic canine, strangely enough.

Exo Stranger: Now we just have to walk through those doors. Have you made any headway about Nefele Stronghold?

Osiris: Somewhat. I know it is on Neptune, or was. Its purpose was unclear, but with Rasputin's coordinates, I can see for myself soon enough.

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