Heist Battleground: Moon (Week 4)

Heist Battleground, Moon

The Guardian attempts to gain entry to the Seraph bunker.

Rasputin: I require additional data from Malahayati. Its contribution may develop additional strategic assessments.

Exo Stranger: First, we have to deal with the Hive… and the Scorn. Guardian, I believe you have a solution prepared?

The Guardian ventures inside to reach the submind Malahayati.

Mara Sov: The Sea of Screams churns with gnashing teeth around Luna. Our enemies are drawn to our presence.

Exo Stranger: The Hive, the Scorn… their numbers seem endless, but we're used to finding victory against the odds. Let's get that submind, Guardian.

The Guardian attempts to breach the Submind Vault Security Door.

Osiris: There was a time I would have thought to destroy all of this. A younger version of myself would have seen this installation as a threat.

Mara Sov: Youth shows us the power of action—drives us to make quick, fleeting decisions. Many are mistakes. Age teaches the benefits of temperance.

The Guardian battles and defeats Once-Phyris, The Exhumed Tether.


Ana Bray: Now that Rasputin's back online, I think I can specify which file clusters we're pulling from the submind.

Exo Stranger: Clever. If we can align the structures with Rasputin's current ones, integration will be even faster. Actually, if we'd like to add another string to our bow, so to speak… you could plant a scrambling encryption.

Ana Bray: That's a great idea! It'd slow down anyone—other than Red—from trying to take over the bunker.

Rasputin: The Bray sisters reunited. Pride is an inadequate expression, but it is the first to come to mind.


Exo Stranger: How has it been working with Osiris again? He seems like he can be rather… dry.

Ana Bray: Yeah, maybe more like "crusty." He's fine, but he's very much a talker and not a listener. Not much for group projects.

Rasputin: Osiris often disregards important safety procedures. Likelihood of injury near him increases by 40%.

Exo Stranger: I'm not sure if you've got enough of your code back to be joking or not.

Rasputin: I am not joking.


Ana Bray: You've never been one to trust Rasputin before, Osiris. Why now?

Osiris: I remember how Rasputin killed the Iron Lords… as Saladin does. Luckily, this isn't about trust. It's about extracting information.

Mara Sov: Osiris understands that whatever risk the Warmind poses pales in comparison to the Witness.

Osiris: I also know the arc of history is long. There were many mistakes made during darker days, before we found our purpose as Guardians. It is possible for all, even Rasputin, to change.

Ana Bray: I'm glad to hear you say that.


Mara Sov: Ana Bray. Are you confident the Warmind will be effective against the Witness? Its last engagement…

Ana Bray: I don't know about Pyramid ships, but Red can shoot down Hive carriers just fine. If there's a war coming, we'll want Rasputin on our side.

Mara Sov: Of that I have no doubts. The Reef has long been wary of such a power in the system, at its ability to strike across great distances without warning. But we no longer fear the Warmind's wrath. I have seen how you have shaped it into something new… something better. I have to believe that is possible… and so I must not fear.


Mara Sov: Warmind, are you able to tell what this Scorn creature has been attempting to do here?

Rasputin: Retrieving encrypted change logs. Stand by, Queen of the Reef. Curious. They attempted to surface information regarding Exodus Program colony sites and pre-Collapse contingencies for extinction events.

Mara Sov: The Witness isn't just preparing for war. It is looking for something specific housed within your archives. Mark those files for Osiris.

Rasputin: Request complete. I suggest we vacate the premises within 3 minutes to avoid an incoming Hive counterattack.


Exo Stranger: Mara, I'm worried about Ana now that Rasputin's back. I've seen this play out before, albeit not like this. : I see Ana about to trip, and I want to pull her back. How do you protect someone you love without interfering in their life?

Mara Sov: Strange of you to come to me for this advice. I had intended to ask you a similar question. Your sister is speaking to you, at least. There is a thin line between control and protection. Between neglect and trust. I do not have a balanced solution. I can only offer you what advice I was offered: be patient.


Ana Bray: Transfer uplink… green. That's mission accomplished.

Exo Stranger: Ana, I've heard you were seeing someone… a scientist? I didn't know how to ask.

Ana Bray: Yeah. She's a researcher with Owl Sector in the City. Civvie stuff, but still pretty secret.

Exo Stranger: [laughs] I'm not trying to pry about her research. I want to know about my sister. What's her name?

Ana Bray: Camrin. She's wonderful, Elsie. Why don't you come back to the Tower with me? You can meet her.

Exo Stranger: Yes! Please! I would love that.


Osiris: Rasputin. Do you still keep Felwinter's remains interred here?

Rasputin: Yes. Do you require access?

Osiris: No! You slaughtered Felwinter and the other Iron Lords without so much as a second thought. Why memorialize him?

Rasputin: Felwinter was my son. I was ill equipped to process his revival by the Traveler. My reaction was emotionally driven. I have since gained his perspective. I've learned nuanced problems are seldom solved by simple solutions. One day, I hope to earn forgiveness.

Osiris: One day… you might receive it. First, I will tell you what kind of man he was. Not from his memories, but… how his friends remember him.


Mara Sov: All of this technology stems from one man. His touch ripples through history, humanity, and into the future. And yet… he is monstrous. If one day, after my passing, the Awoken look upon my works, will I embody the same prolific notoriety as Clovis? To be remembered through a veil of lies and hidden atrocities… some already think of me in that way.

Rasputin: Your consideration of this alone differentiated you from Clovis Bray. He has never weighed the moral implications of an action. We have both committed terrible wrongs. Our attempts to right those wrongs are what keep us from becoming our worst selves.


Rasputin: Xivu Arath's influence is spreading. The positions her forces hold are strategically valuable for an assault on Earth. We must act soon.

Mara Sov: She prowls the Ley Line crossroads throughout the Ascendant Plane. She's cutting us off, and my Corsairs cannot dissuade their movements.

Rasputin: Then we must maintain our efforts to restore my capabilities. I will continue to assess the situation to devise an appropriate response.

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