Lost to Light

Eris Morn: It began with Crota. But Crota was only a servant of his father, sent to extinguish the last of the Light. The great battle fought for the soul of our world ended in slaughter. The son was dead. And we invited the wrath of Oryx, destroyer of Light. Taker of will. Only Ascendant Hive move between Ruptures. To reach Oryx, you must walk in the dying footsteps of his son. You must become Ascendant.

Circle of Bones, Ocean of Storms, Earth's Moon

Eris Morn: Hold fast to Toland's journal. It saw me through my time in the Dark.

Cayde-6: Hold fast to your gun, Guardian. You're headed back to the chamber where they held Crota's soul.

Cayde-6: Alright. Here's what needs to happen. We have to steal a chunk of Hive crystal that still has a trace of Crota's soul so you can pass through a dimensional portal on the Dreadnaught and kill Oryx.

Cayde-6: I leave anything out, Eris?

Eris Morn: It must be done before Oryx turns his scrying eye to this realm.

Cayde-6: Good luck, Guardian.

Ghost: Toland's journal contains an impressive amount of data. I should probably read it... Done. Some of this stuff is fascinating!

Toland: A Dreadnaught shields the Hive from the Traveler's Light. Were we to pass through its deepest layers, our Light would be as a dying sun.

Ghost: I don't think Toland was much fun at parties.

Eris Morn: If the Thrall still feed, Crota's essence must endure.

Baxx, the Gravekeeper arrives

Baxx, the Gravekeeper is Taken

Ghost: It's gone. I think Oryx just took an ogre...

Eris Morn: Not even Oryx can control an ogre. Unless it's Taken. Now quickly, I need a shard of that crystal.

Ghost: We've got it.

Eris Morn: I knew it could be done. And does it still hold the whisper of Crota's soul?

Ghost: According to my analysis it's empty.

Eris Morn: No matter. Return to me, Guardian, and we will destroy [static]

Cayde-6: [static] Guardian? We're losing you. Guardian can you hear...? [static]

Ghost: Eris? Cayde? I think we've lost them. Something's blocking our signal and our transmat.

Echo of Oryx and many Taken champions arrive

Echo of Oryx: Infection! Your Light dies here!

Ghost: There's too many of them! Run!

Ghost: How long do you want to keep doing this?

Ghost: Eris? Cayde? Can you hear us...? Still no connection. This must be how the Hive trapped Eris.

Ghost: The Taken have locked us in. Let me check it out.

Ghost: Doors used to be so simple. I'll search the journal.

Toland: It has long been my belief that the binds which hold the greatest Hive terrors could be lifted by releasing the energy stored within their tomb husks.

Ghost: Hey! A tomb husk!

Ghost: Remind me to make copies of this journal.

Ghost: Ugh. They've warded it with two locks this time.

Eris Morn: [static] We're going to lose her, just like Eriana!

Ghost: That's Eris. The connection is getting stronger.

Ghost: Three locks. Well, you can't say they aren't trying.

Eris Morn: [static] Guardian? Get out of that pit! We must have that crystal or we'll never reach Oryx.

Sarkoor, a Taken Wizard, guards the exit

Sarkoor is defeated

Cayde-6: Guardian, is that you?

Ghost: We made it out.

Eris Morn: Then the Taken King will fall. Bring me his dead son's crystal.

Cayde-6: That's how Eris says she appreciates your sacrifice. Glad you're still alive.

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