Into the Depths II: Mayday, Mayday

Zavala: Fireteam, prep your dive loadouts. We've received a mayday call from an off-site coral extraction team.

Sloane: Síocháin, add their search-and-rescue IDs to our objectives.

Zavala: You're first on site. Find our missing Guardians, get their sites back online, and break down any resistance. Saint-14 will provide tactical oversight.

Sloane: Let's bring our missing crew home.

Sloane: I'm on the move, Guardian. Good luck out there.

Saint-14: Fireteam, I have you.

Sloane: You joining us down here?

Saint-14: No—today, I sit in chair. But is good chair.

Sloane: Do we have the missing fireteam's last known?

Saint-14: Yes—now so do you. You will find them; I know it.

Sloane: I’m just hoping they got turned around. It can be disorienting down there.

Saint-14: Help them find the surface, and things make sense again. Like having sea legs, and then on land… it takes time, yes?

Sloane: I’m not sure what you mean.

Saint-14: How are you feeling, friend?

Sloane: Oh, we're talking about me now. Can we stow this until I'm back?

Saint-14: I mean to say… I understand becoming lost.

Sloane: [sighs] Big guy, I know you want to help, but I'm about to be shot at here.

Saint-14: Wait, a fight? Very good—what can I do?

Sloane: Start marking targets! I'll knock 'em down.

Sloane: I've got bodies on the approach to Delta Site.

Saint-14: It's our missing team.

Sloane: [sighs] Damn it. The gear's offline. We need to get these running.

Saint-14: Machines online—now secure the area.


Sloane: [grunts] All right, keep it together.

Saint-14: Fireteam! Payload secure, and all transmats locked. Turn your attention to the Wizard.

Sloane: I'm already in contact. Tagged 'em, but they're headed to ambush you.

Sloane: Send this Wizard back to the Sea of Screams.

Sloane: I used to know every fireteam that passed through Titan's rig. These Guardians—I don't recognize them.

Saint-14: You have spent a great deal of time pushing forward. Stop, sit, rest! You will come to know again. Then you will find others to push with you. Like now.

Sloane: Heh, you don't have an off switch do you, Saint?

Saint-14: That would be bad design.

Sloane: [chuckles] I need to go see Ahsa. Send me their names?

Saint-14: They will be in your debriefing.

Sloane: Thanks, Tactical. [takes deep breath] Sloane out.

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Into the Depths II: Return to the H.E.L.M.