Expunge: Delphi

Distributed Cognition Domain, The Nexus

Ikora Rey: This is it, Guardian. Payback for the Dreaming City. For our city. For everyone.

Mithrax: Quria has shielded itself in multiple layers of the domain. It hides, a festering rot deep within the core of this network. Savathûn's eye is upon us now. I can feel her. It is as if this moment was unavoidable... fated. But you have shown me there is only the destiny we make for ourselves, nothing more. Go, Guardian. Walk in the Light.

The Guardian delves deeper into the Vex Domain, avoiding countermeasures in the environment as they proceed. The Guardian goes through a Vex portal which they encounter.

Expunge: Labyrinth, The Nexus

The Guardian is transported to the location of the Labyrinth Expunge mission in its corrupted state.

Osiris: Quria has retreated within layers of security mirroring domains you have previously collapsed.

Mithrax: The challenges you face here are the very ones you faced as you honed your Splicer powers. You are ready for this. Our hopes rest on you.

The Guardian traverses the Vex domain, defeating the Vex and Taken they encounter, then enters a portal.

Expunge: Corrupted Styx, The Nexus

The Guardian is transported to the location of the Styx Expunge mission in its corrupted state.

Mithrax: Quria rages against your presence. I can feel the sickening rot of the Taken's power shuddering through this domain. The Vex, too, struggle against the yoke of oppression laid on them by Quria.

Saint-14: Our enemy hides behind others and uses them as pawns! Does their cowardice know no end?!

The Guardian continues into the Vex domain, defeating Vex and Taken. The Guardian obtains an Authentication Key, and deposits it to activate a Vex portal. The Guardian goes through the portal.

Expunge Corrupted Tartarus, The Nexus

The Guardian is transported to the location of the Tartarus Expunge mission in its corrupted state.

Saint-14: Not much longer now, Guardian! We are all here; we believe in you!

Mithrax: Quria is close. The Taken corruption in this Vex domain is deep. I can feel its infection through their systems: fingers of darkness grasping. Searching. Be careful, Guardian.

The Guardian continues into the Vex domain, and encounters a pair of Vex barriers powered by protected Vex Lenses. The Guardian defeats Taken and uses Stabilized Security Access to destroy the Vex Lenses, disabling the barriers. The Guardian enters a Vex portal.

Expunge: Delphi, The Nexus

The Guardian is transported to the lair of Quria, Blade Transform. Quria, Blade Transform lies in the center of a large circular arena, and awakens.

Ikora Rey: That power...

Osiris: Quria, Blade Transform. The Dreaming Mind.

Saint-14: Guardian! This is it! Fight with everything you have!

Mithrax: Light guide you.

Quria, Blade Transform summons Taken and Vex which attack the Guardian. The Guardian defeats the Vex and Taken, and damages Quria, Blade Transform. Quria, Blade Transform shields itself and summons a Nexus Minotaur and an Evaluator of Savathûn. The Guardian deposits Authentication Keys to lower their shields and defeats the Nexus Minotaur and Evaluator of Savathûn Quria. Quria, Blade Transform becomes vulnerable. The Guardian defeats Quria, Blade Transform, which explodes and crashes to the ground.

Osiris: Unbelievable. Quria is... gone.

Mithrax: A great evil, vanquished. A deed of legends.

Saint-14: Haha! I knew it! I knew we could do this! Congratulations, Guardian! This victory, it is monumental!

Osiris: Let's not uncork every bottle of champagne in the City just yet.

Ikora Rey: Osiris is right. This is a monumental victory for humanity... and Eliksni. But it's a battle, not the war.

Mithrax: Even so... victories should be cherished.

Saint-14: Yes! Mithrax is correct. We will have a party. A celebration! A small one. Respectful. Very classy. I will wear suit.

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