Into the Depths II: Return to the H.E.L.M.

Saint-14: Commander, Guardian—were you waiting here for me?

Zavala: Just considering the pieces on the board, Saint.

Saint-14: You worry for the deputy commander. She is strong, and her friend is very large. They will be OK.

Zavala: Sloane will do what's necessary. But after that, things are less… simple.

Saint-14: When I was trapped in the Infinite Forest, before Osiris broke time to reunite us… There were many days I felt lost. [chuckles] But I am here, and you are all with me again.

Zavala: That you are. A hero of the City… then and now.

Saint-14: A hero? Yes. Though… my memory differs from what the stories say.

Zavala: There's only so much I can do behind a desk, weighing costs and outcomes. Sending someone else never sits right with me. [takes a deep breath] I'd rather the clarity of the battlefield, beside the two of you.

Saint-14: The burden of good leaders—to never feel we have done enough. But trusting those we send is what makes us strong.

Zavala: You were Vanguard Commander once. What made you step down?

Saint-14: Because I am not as strong as you. You carry the command for the same reason the Guardian and I stand in the trenches. To set the example. To be the hope. When the time comes, you will see it too, ah? I know you will.

Zavala: Into the trenches then, Guardian. Yours on Titan, and mine in the Tower. I look forward to your report.

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