Into the Depths III: Return to the H.E.L.M.

Drifter: Oh! Hey there, Valus.

Lord Saladin: Germaine. Or is it Dredgen Hope?

Drifter: Nah. You know it's Drifter these days. Has been for a long time.

Lord Saladin: I was just speaking with the deputy commander—she's ready for you.

Drifter: How's she holdin' up?

Lord Saladin: Sloane is a soldier, and that role has given her purpose. Hope. But she has been through a great ordeal. Her own personal Dark Age.

Drifter: Yeah… that's a bad hand to be dealt. Maybe this can wait. Unless you wanna tip one back? Talk about the bad ol' days?

Lord Saladin: [scoffs] What is that, motor oil? Battery acid?

Drifter: Mm, only one way to find out.

Lord Saladin: You and I are among the oldest of our kind. Centuries, we've orbited each other. Why now?

Drifter: Why not?

Lord Saladin: Maybe another time.

Drifter: [chuckles] I think Caiatl's actually mellowed that old Wolf out a bit.

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