Hall of Guardians, The Last City, Earth

Cayde-6: Ikora, if you tell me this is a practical joke. Well, it kills me to say it, but I - I would be really impressed.

Ikora: Impressing you, Cayde, is the easiest thing I'll do all day.

Zavala: Let's get serious people.

Cayde-6: Zavala! This is my serious face. Can't you tell?

Zavala: Ikora, what have you got?

Ikora: Someone or something has sabotaged the Skyline Defense Systems.

Cayde-6: And comms have been spotty for the last few hours. Every sensor beyond the wall has gone dark.

Zavala: Hmmm… Maybe it's just the storm. Maybe it's… What are the sat feeds telling us?

Ikora: Nothing

Cayde-6: Well, that's good, right?

Ikora: No! I mean, they're not there. There are no satellites.

Cayde-6: And that's not good.

Zavala sees approaching armada of warships coming out of the storm

Zavala: Battle stations!

Warships fire missiles at The Tower

Zavala: Everyone with me, Now!

Zavala forms Ward of Dawn, and Ikora blinks herself and Cayde-6 inside

Ikora: Hang on!

Zavala struggles to maintain the Ward under heavy fire. The armada passes overhead flying toward The Traveler

Ghost: Repeat, Tower Approach, this is City Hawk seven-two-three. Anyone home…?


Ghost: No response on any channels, even the emergency frequencies. [sigh] What is going on back there? Remember when I told you that you fly too fast? Forget I said that. Fly fast.

Tower Watch, The Last City, Earth

Ghost: Let's get moving. We need to find Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde.

Ghost: Cabal!

Ghost: This doesn't make sense. The Cabal conquer systems by blowing up planets.

Ghost: Whatever they want, it must be here – in the Last City.

Zavala: This is Commander Zavala. Civilians: report to evac points. Guardians: rendezvous in the Plaza. Our City will not fall.

Cayde-6 appears in doorway fighting Cabal

Ghost: Cayde!

Cayde-6: Hey you two! Gimme a sec.

Cayde-6 defeats the Cabal with his Golden Gun

Cayde-6: Zavala's doing the hero act in the Plaza. Me? I've got a date with whoever's behind this. It'll be a short date.

Cayde-6 transmats to his ship

Guardian meets up with Shaxx defending civilians

Shaxx: Ah, Saladin's Young Wolf. My armory is open to you. Follow the path from there. It will lead you through the hangar to the plaza. I'll take care of these people. If the Cabal want war, give them war.

Guardian picks up The Last Dance and Origin Story

Tower Announcement: Evacuation order Seven Seven is in effect. This is not a drill. All civilians report to designated evacuation areas immediately.

Tower Hangar, The Last City, Earth

Ghost: Look at the size of that thing. It must be their command ship.

Guardian defeats a flying Cabal squad

Cayde-6: OK. My Ghost keeps tagging these Cabal as "Red Legion." Ikora what do you got?

Ikora: They're elite. Ruthless. And rumor is, they have never known defeat.

Zavala: Until today. Today, they face Guardians.

Ghost: But Zavala! They're attacking the Traveler!

Zavala: The Traveler waits! We protect our people. At any cost.

Tower Plaza, The Last City, Earth

Guardian arrives at the Tower plaza where Zavala is defending against Red Legion

Zavala: These Red Legion are well trained. But we are better. We will hold this line until the last civilian is safely away.

Red Legion Ship fires missiles

Zavala: Incoming! Fall back to my shield!

Zavala: Don't let them past the gate! The evac shuttles are back there!

Guardian and Zavala defeat the first wave of enemies

Zavala: We hold here. That command ship - it's next on my list.

Zavala: Missiles! Stay inside my shield!

Guardian and Zavala defeat the second wave of enemies

Zavala: More Red Legion! Show them what Guardians are made of!

Guardian and Zavala defeat the third wave of enemies

Ikora: Zavala, the last of the shuttle is away. But the Speaker - he never made it. I'm going to look for him.

Zavala: I've got the plaza. Go with Ikora. Find the Speaker!

Ghost: We're on it, Commander!

Zavala: Another barrage! Go Guardian!!! Just go! I'll take care of these.

Ghost: We need to find The Speaker.

Running towards the North Tower, the Guardian passes sweeper bot who has found her whistle protocol

Tower North, The Last City, Earth

Ikora Nova Bombs a squad of Red Legion

Ghost: Ikora!

Ikora: The Speaker is gone. Red Legion, you will take no more from us. And you will find no mercy in me!

Ikora jumps on a Cabal ship

Ghost: Zavala-

Zavala: She'll find the Speaker. We need to move that command ship. Now head to the North Tower. I'm sending Amanda Holliday to pick you up.

Zavala: Holliday is inbound. We need that ship of the field!

Amanda: Someone told me you need a ride.

Amanda transmats the Guardian onto her ship

Amanda: Zavala, picked up that Guardian you never shut up about.

Zavala: Get them on that command ship - Now!

Amanda: Hold on back there!

Amanda looks at the Traveler

Amanda: Come on, big guy. Do something.

The ship is hit by minor fire

Amanda: Ugh!

Amanda pulls up to an unshielded area of the command ship

Amanda: All right, Guardian! Time to kick'em where it hurts.

The Immortal

Amanda: Let us know when the shields are down and we'll hit that ship with everything we got.

Ghost: That hologram could help. Let me take a look.

Ghost scans the hologram

Ghost: OK, the shield generator should be at the bottom of the ship.

Guardian defeats Pashk, the Searing Will

Zavala: Cayde! What's your status?

Cayde-6: Uh… little low on ammo. The whole flaming pistol [static] burning out. Anyone… [static]… heard from Ikora?

Zavala: Not since she went [static] for the Speaker. Form up! [static] on me!

Guardian defeats Brann, The Unbent Blade

Ghost: The shield generator should be straight ahead.

Guardian defeats Kreth, the Living Skyfire

Ghost: All right. Destroy the turbines. The shields should fizzle.

First turbine is destroyed

Ghost: Yes! Just like that!

Second turbine is destroyed

Ghost: Heat levels rising! It's working!

Third turbine is destroyed

Ghost: Zavala! We did it! The shields are down!


Ghost: Zavala?

Ghost: Amanda! We're headed topside!

[Static and combat]

Ghost: Amanda?!

Ghost: Anyone?!

The Guardian runs onto the back deck to see the Traveler being caged

Ghost: How do we come back from this?

Ghaul: You don't. Welcome to a world without Light.

Ghaul activates the device around the Traveler and the Guardian loses their light

Ghost: Guardian, something's wrong…

Ghost falls to the ground

Ghaul: Do not look at me, creature!

Ghaul kicks Guardian

Ghaul: You are weak. Undisciplined. Cowering behind walls. You're not brave. You've merely forgotten the fear of death. Allow me to reacquaint you.

Ghaul punches Guardian towards the end of his ship, Ghost falls off the edge

Ghaul: Your kind never deserved the power you were given. I am Ghaul. And your light… is mine.

Ghaul kicks Guardian off the command ship

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