Nightmare Hunt: Isolation

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by Throudin

Anchor of Light, The Moon

Eris Morn: Years ago, Taniks tore the Vanguard apart over a mere bounty. Andal Brask was murdered in cold blood, and the Hunter Vanguard was left without a leader. Taniks would ultimately die for this on the orders of Cayde-6. But the scars he left among all Guardians would never fully heal. Once again, the Pyramid takes advantage of our collective pain. We will not succumb.

The Guardian searches for the Nightmare of Taniks. The Guardian defeats the Hive near the entrance to the Temple of Crota, including two Nightmare Acolytes. A barrier blocking the entrance to the Temple of Crota disappears. The Guardian enters the Temple of Crota.

Temple of Crota, The Moon

The Guardian defeats the Hive and the Fallen which they encounter, including two Nightmare Shanks. A barrier blocking an entrance further into the Temple of Crota disappears. The Guardian heads deeper into the Temple of Crota. Nightmare of Taniks, The Scarred appears.

Ghost: There's the Nightmare of Taniks. Let's take it down.

The Guardian defeats Nightmare of Taniks, The Scarred.

Ghost: Taniks put up a fight. But we got him in the end, Eris.

Eris Morn: Good. We draw closer to the Pyramid with every victory.

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