— A Fallen mercenary, known for his brutality, ruthlessness, and ability to survive lethal wounds.

He was at Twilight Gap1 and fought alongside Eramis there; she impressed him with her ferocity in combat2.

After Twilight Gap, he continued to build his reputation, killing Guardians and doing work for the Fallen Houses3. Eventually, he was the subject of a Hunter’s Dare from Cayde to Andal Brask; whoever killed Taniks would win the Dare, and the loser would be forced to become the Hunter Vanguard4. Cayde-6 killed Taniks, causing Andal Brask to lose the Dare and become the Hunter Vanguard5. However, Taniks did not actually die, returning later to kill Andal Brask6, which provoked Cayde-6 to hunt him down and kill him again. This resulted in Cayde’s promotion to Hunter Vanguard7.

But Taniks, who by now was known for survival, returned and freed Aksor, a notable Fallen Archon, from the Prison of Elders 6, then went on to raid the Temple of Crota, where he was killed once more by a fireteam of Guardians 8. Not even this death was to be his last, for he was revived by SIVA Splicers to become Taniks Perfected9. This form was killed by a fireteam of Guardians , and for several years, Taniks was inactive (though the Pyramid on the Moon created a Nightmare of Taniks; unsurprising, given the fear he inspired in Guardians). However, he was not truly dead; he was revived by Atraks-1 in the Deep Stone Crypt. This particular incarnation was short-lived, as he was killed shortly after his return by a team of Guardians who had infiltrated the Crypt.

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