Presage (Final Smuggling Compartment)

The Bridge, The Glykon

The Guardian approaches the Bridge and interacts with a data pad behind Katabasis's body. The Guardian then approaches a room beneath the Bridge. At the back of the room near the windows sits the Crown of Sorrow. It is surrounded by tendrils and dead Scorn, and a machine connects to the top of it with wires running through the ceiling.

Caiatl: What monstrosity is this?

Osiris: The Crown of Sorrow. A Hive artifact of devilish craftmanship, meant to subvert the wearer's will.

The Guardian walks closer to the Crown.

Osiris: I suspected it was the crown in question.

Caiatl: More Hive witchcraft. It should be destroyed.

Osiris: It has been altered from its original design. Opened. Instead of controlling minds, it… it's meant to merge them.

Osiris: It… is listening. We cannot leave the crown free.

Caiatl: You think you can contain it? So did Calus. How long before your audacity damns the City, advisor?

Osiris: Your warning is noted, Empress, but this is Vanguard space.

Osiris: Will you ensure the crown is undisturbed while I make preparations for its recovery?

Caiatl: The Cabal are not at your disposal. Do so at your own peril.

Caiatl ends the radio transmission.

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