Proving Ground

Watcher's Grave, Nessus, Unstable Centaur

The Guardian arrives on the battlefield, in view of the Halphas Electus.

Zavala: Empress Caiatl – we invoke the Rite of Proving. The Vanguard sends forth its champions.

Caiatl: The challenge is met. Our blood flows together. May it lead to unity.

The Guardian advances on the tank, fighting Cabal and Vex, and defeats Valus Ozysas. They then enter the land tank.

Caiatl: This is the Halphas Electus, the digger of graves, her mouth packed with red soil. I do not grant you safe passage.

The Guardian advances further into the tank, fighting Cabal as they go.

Infantry Concourse, Nessus, Unstable Centaur

Caiatl: My war machine purrs. She hungers for battle Have you the same appetite?

Caiatl: Be reasonable, Guardians. While there is shame in surrender, I am merciful.

Zavala: You all but demanded this conflict. We will see it through to the end.

The Guardian delves deeper into the Vehicle Bay.

Halphas Electus, Nessus, Unstable Centaur

Caiatl: My warriors pledge themselves to the Rite of Proving. Cut them down if you can.

Zavala: If it must be done.

The Guardian fights multiple Cabal – including Optus Taxaat, Val Cunqu'us, and Val Trekitus – along with two Goliath tanks before moving on.

Caiatl: My champion awaits in the locus of honor! Why do you skulk through the maintenance areas.

Zavala: We will deal with your champion in due time… though we may destroy your tank in the process.

Caiatl: Ha, we are Cabal! We eat the mountains, we drink the seas!

Zavala: Yes. And we are here to stop you.

The Guardian descends into the maintenance areas of the tank.

Caiatl: You would attack my tank directly? It is sacred to my men. They will fight as though its oil were blood.

The Guardian disables the Halphas Electus and defeats Val Vinca'ar before taking an elevator up.

Caiatl: You take to ritual combat well, Commander. Do you enjoy it?

Zavala: There is no pleasure in killing. If this one act of barbarism will force peace… so be it.

The Guardian passes through a long hallway with statues and discarded piles of Cabal armor, and reaches the door to the Proving Grounds.

Zavala: Hold strong, Guardians. One final victory is all I ask.

The Guardian enters the Proving Grounds and uses the Bell of Conquests to issue the challenge.

Caiatl: Let the Rite of Proving commence!

Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl, enters the arena. Ignovun fights with multiple waves of Cabal soldiers and shield defenses before he is defeated.

Zavala: Caiatl. Your champion falls.

Caiatl: You have claimed victory in the Rite of Proving. I am bound to your agreement.

Zavala: Your champion fought with honor, and you accept defeat in the same way.

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