Quest: Calculated Action, Dynasty

Giant's Scar, Io

Ghost: We're just outside a Cabal base. Lots of Taken here. Any news from your agents, Ikora?

Ikora: I'm afraid the Hidden have not been able to penetrate that base.

Asher: I retract my earlier hypothesis. Something is happening to the Vex. They can feel it. *I* can feel it; I can feel something grasping at my arm to rip my very essence out of my body. End this, Guardian!

The Guardian enters the Cabal base and finds it crawling with Taken.

Ghost: This is just like that base on Phobos. The Taken must be using these rifts to abduct the Vex.

Excavation Site II, Io

Ghost: Ikora, we've found… holding cells, I think. Like a prison for Vex.

Asher: Perhaps the Taken have invented law and order.

Ikora: Asher! Save your wit for later. Be mindful, Guardian, I have only one of you.

The Guardian starts to suppress the Taken.

Ghost: Ikora, you were right. The Taken are transforming the Vex.

Ikora: I knew it!

Asher: But that's suicidal. why?

The Guardian finds a taken tomb husk. Ghost scans the husk.

Ghost: Ascendant Realm readings in spades here. Down the line this could be another one of those weird portals. The Taken are so strange.

The Guardian defeats the Taken at the main conversion site, but the Taken Knight Ir Arok escapes.

Ghost: Well, our guy got away again. Asher, what was it you just said? That it's suicidal for the Taken to turn the Vex into scary void robots?

Asher: Completely suicidal! The Vex infect whatever they touch. Their self-replication subroutines would consume the Taken from the inside out. Perhaps they simply don't realise the dangers.

Ikora: Or perhaps they do and it's a calculated risk.

Asher: To what end?

Ikora: They're building an army. That has to be it. Hurry, Guardian. Meet with Asher. We'll try and understand more of this while you're on your way.

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