Quest: Bomb Threat, The Investigation

The Derelict

The Guardian finds the tape which the Drifter recorded.

This tape plays the same dialogue regardless of whether the Guardian has sided with the Vanguard or the Drifter.

Quest: Drifter's Hideaway, Honor Among Thieves

The Drifter: As my new partner, couple things about me you should know: I've been pitting a lot of very bad people against some good ones. Could end up being trouble for the City and there's already been some collateral damage. Hand to my heart I regret anyone who takes a dirt nap on account'a me. But I didn't survive by being indecisive. Through every age and era, Drifter's done what he had to. The Warlords and the Iron Lords taught me that the Light is no gift. It brought hell to earth, and when we begged to die, it said hell no. They say the Dark Age was untold suffering. I could tell you a lot. Maybe next time. Go find the other tapes. I made you tapes. [chuckles]

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Quest: Drifter’s Hideaway, Honor Among Thieves