Sabotaging Salvation

Sabotaging Salvation

Riis-Reborn Approach, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

The Guardian travels to the Fallen City.

Zavala: Good to have you back, Guardian. The Fallen are producing advanced weaponry on Europa to improve their military strength throughout the system. Our goal is to sabotage their efforts however we can. We'll start by taking out a critical manufacturing plant.

The Guardian unseals the barrier and pushes forward.

Zavala: Variks will be advising on this mission. He has specialized knowledge of the facility.

Variks: It is well guarded, not only by Eramis's Eliksni… Vex incursions threaten Europa. [insect-like chattering] A scythe through those who still whisper Eramis's name.

Zavala: Perhaps we can use that to our advantage.

The Guardian proceeds deeper using a teleporter.

Variks: You will encounter many locks here. Variks offers you his keys. They are… old. [inhales] The teeth must fit this new lock.

Ghost: Do you really think your old access codes will work? Maybe there's another way.

Variks: There is no other way.

Ghost: All right. Just between you and me, I'm really tired of hacking security systems…

Technocrat's Iron, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

The Guardian discovers Vex attacking House Salvation members. The Guardian clears the way forward until a door closes and locks, blocking them.

Ghost: Door's locked down!

Variks: My key. Or failure. [insect-like chattering]

Ghost: I still don't see why this would work, but if I have to hack this thing, I will.

Ghost inputs Variks's key to bypass security. Fallen appear and attack the Guardian. Variks's key is denied access.

Ghost: Access denied. Big surprise there. New plan. Guardian, I'm picking up a volatile energy signature on the other side of the room. A power core, I think. Let's get a little more proactive here.

The Guardian steals the power core and throws it, destroying the door.

Zavala: That was very Titan of you, Ghost.

Ghost: We've been through a lot lately. I'd say we're… learning to do things our own way.

The Guardian defeats Brig Factory Guards while hacking and sabotaging the nearby Fallen Brigs. The Guardian pushes deeper into the facility.

Ghost: Wow. The Fallen really built this place up. And another computer terminal.

Variks: [inhales] You must not blow it up. You will disrupt too much.

Ghost: Fine, fine, let me have a look.

Ghost hacks into the Fallen terminal and a House Salvation Factory Walker appears. While fighting the Factory Walker, a Factory Brig suddenly descends and destroys the Factory Walker. The Guardian destroys the Factory Brig.

Ghost: The factory is powering down.

Zavala: Well done, Guardian. This will go a long way in gaining us a foothold on Europa. But we should hit them again as soon as possible. Take advantage of the Vex presence here.

Ghost: Just give the word, Commander. We'll be ready.

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