Salvation, Beckoned (Bray Exoscience)

Beyond, Europa

The Guardian approaches the Ziggurat after speaking with the Exo Stranger.

Ghost: Guardian, this feels wrong. You wielding Darkness. But I'm not going anywhere. If you need me, I'm here.

The Guardian attunes Phylaks's Splinter of Darkness to the Ziggurat's glyph.

Ghost: This power, this Stasis, I'm worried it's taking more of a toll on you than you realize. I'm able to bring you back from death with the Light, but I may not be able to, if this power consumes you.

Salvation, Beckoned

Cadmus Ridge, Europa

As the Guardian travels to Bray Exoscience, Eramis is broadcasting a transmission.

Ghost: I'm picking up another transmission from Eramis.

Eramis: To my Eliksni sisters and brothers out amongst the stars and here at home on Europa: we have suffered a great loss today. Our beloved warrior Phylaks was murdered by the pawns of the once "Great Machine." As always, they eagerly seek to eradicate us. Remember, Light only burns bright so long, but Darkness is forever.

Bray Exoscience, Europa

The Guardian approaches a Crux of Darkness and communes with it. The Darkness beckons… and the Guardian becomes temporarily empowered with Stasis. Fallen from House Salvation flood into the area. The Guardian defeats waves of Fallen with Stasis. The Guardian returns to the Crux of Darkness and ends their communion.

Ghost: I'm here to fight for the Light. And so are you. If this is how we're going to do it… I'll be by your side. But we are toying with power neither of us understand. And I have no control over it. If anything happens to you, I may not be able to help. But I'll do what I can.

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