Rising Resistance

Charon's Crossing, Europa

The Guardian assists Variks with activating a secret comms network.

Variks: Europa is no longer the haven I hoped it would be. For those who wish to live under the rule of a Dark Kell, we must play savior. A secret communications network would allow us to reach out.

Ghost: Variks, we're ready. Where is the first relay?

Variks: Variks thanks you.

Ghost enables the first comms relay.

Ghost: Power's going, Variks.

Variks: Good. Two more. [insect-like chattering]

Ghost enables the second comms relay. The Darkness begins whispering to the Guardian.

Ghost: Okay, Variks, that's two — Did you — hear that? Sounded like voices.

Variks: What? Who?

Ghost: The ones who spoke through me.

Variks: We must hurry then. There's one more relay.

Ghost enables the third comms relay. A Crux of Darkness appears and lets out a flash of energy clearing the snowstorm.

Ghost: Oh no. It's them. They're here.

The Darkness momentarily surrounds the Guardian once more.

Ghost: They're… beckoning us.

The Guardian investigates the Crux of Darkness. After communing with it, the Crux dissipates and the Darkness speaks through Ghost.

Ghost: We beckoned. You answered. We've kept you waiting long enough. Come to us; salvation awaits.

Another Crux of Darkness appears. The Guardian pursues the Crux of Darkness through a passageway. The Guardian is being beckoned by the Darkness to Beyond.

Ghost: The Light believes you thankless. Nothing more than a soldier asked again and again to do its bidding. So we want to thank you. With a gift. To help you finally take control.

Beyond, Europa

The Guardian bears witness to the Europan Pyramid and approaches the glowing Crux of Darkness.

The Darkness summons a Ziggurat at Beyond. Nearby, a platoon of House Salvation Fallen begin approaching the Ziggurat, but are stopped by Eris Morn.

Eris engages the Fallen while Drifter and the Exo Stranger ambush the Fallen from behind. While Eris and Drifter are surrounded by the Fallen, the Exo Stranger summons Stasis to shatter the remaining Fallen, securing the area and regrouping with Eris and Drifter. The Exo Stranger's mysterious friend appears.

The Exo Stranger: And here comes our Guardian. Right on time.

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