Salvation, Beckoned (Riis-Reborn Approach)

Beyond, Europa

The Guardian approaches the Ziggurat after speaking with the Exo Stranger.

Ghost: I'm worried, Guardian. Wielding Stasis may be taking more of a toll on you than you know. I can resurrect you with the Light, but if using Darkness consumes you, I may be powerless.

The Guardian attunes Praksis's Splinter of Darkness to the Ziggurat's glyph.

Ghost: I never imagined you'd be wielding Darkness. Maybe once we defeat Eramis, you won't need to anymore.

Salvation, Beckoned

Eventide Ruins, Europa

As the Guardian travels to Riis-Reborn Approach, Eramis broadcasts another transmission.

Ghost: Eramis is sending another wide-range transmission.

Eramis: Judgment day is upon us, my fellow Eliksni. Another foundational pillar of our beautiful society has been knocked down. Praksis, dear friend. Your hand at the hands of those puppets will not go unavenged. Soon they will answer for what they've done. I will see to it myself. Rise now, my fellow Eliksni. Do not let this scum take more of our sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers. We are the future of our kind, and we will destroy all who threaten our kind. Leave no pawn alive.

Riis-Reborn Approach, Europa

The Guardian discovers Vex attacking the Fallen city as they push towards the Crux of Darkness. The Guardian approaches a Crux of Darkness and communes with it. The Darkness beckons… and the Guardian becomes temporarily empowered with Stasis. House Salvation Fallen flood into the area. The Guardian defeats waves of Fallen with Stasis. The Guardian returns to the Crux of Darkness and ends their communion.

Ghost: Be careful, Guardian. This is Stasis at its most powerful. I won't lie; it scares me. I just don't want to see it turn on you. Its grasp is sinister.

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