Sever — Forgiveness: Calus's Automaton

The Guardian finds one of Calus's Automatons while helping Zavala.

Calus: To continue chasing pain when you could slumber in euphoria everlasting… that is a foolish endeavor, Guardian. Think of your commander. He mourns this woman you seek to exploit against me? Bring him to me instead. I will shower him with my blessings, give him the power to see his love returned. He may keep her as long as he wishes. For I am benevolent. And that is only a taste of my generosity, a taste that extends to you as well. Eternity is what I offer. Consideration is all I ask.

Season of the Haunted Opening Cinematic

Category: Emperor Calus

Sever — Grief: Calus's Automaton

Seraph Wings

Category: Zavala

Sever — Grief: Calus's Automaton