Sever — Grief: Calus's Automaton

The Guardian finds one of Calus's Automatons while helping Zavala.

Eris Morn: This construct is coated in the same spores found aboard the Glykon. Ikora says they could connect consciousnesses through the Darkness.

Calus: Isn't it magnificent? The Leviathan was once my prison, but now, we are one body. Its systems, my mind.

Eris Morn: Is that so? Mechanical function is compromised, Guardian. It's harmless. Don't let him stall you.

Calus: [chuckles] I wouldn't dream of it. It is a unique delight to feel the Leviathan's inhabitants wriggling through my innards. And when you do battle across my steely flesh? Mmm… an unmatched sensation. Caress every dark reach you can find. In your futile journey, you will come to see things my way. You will lay down your arms and stay. On that night, I'll raise a chalice to your lips, and we will feast.

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