Sever — Shame: Calus's Automaton

The Guardian finds one of Calus's Automatons while helping Crow.

Calus: An uninvited guest slithers through the bowels of my Leviathan? This mechanical appendage is maintained poorly, unable to see the grandeur of your brave face. Come, now. Closer. Let me bask in you.

Eris Morn: Another trap? I'd keep your distance. Our mission takes precedence.

Calus: I can feel you there, Lightbearer. Our last encounter was… hostile. I forgive you. Embrace me, and I will share such wonders with the Vanguard that your paltry Light could never outshine. Allow me to open you, mind and body, as mine have been opened. Simply turn back… and enjoy what is to come.

Sever — Resolve: Calus's Automaton

Category: Emperor Calus

The Leviathan Returns: Commune with the Crown of Sorrow

Sever — Grief: Calus's Automaton

Category: Eris Morn

Siege of the Warmind