Shard of the Traveler (Stormcaller)

The Sludge, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: This forest is like a black hole. It just keeps pulling us back in. I suppose good things keep happening here… somehow.

Guardian runs up a stream towards the Shard of the Traveler. An energy portal springs to life ahead of the Guardian and Ghost

Ghost: I see you haven't changed much, portal. Still… huge and scary…

The Dark Forest, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: Are you ready for weird story time? I'm ready for weird story time.

An apparition of a Warlock sitting crossed legged appears

Ikora: As a Warlock, you are the unleashed storm. You are power unleashed. Focus. The Arc is inside all life. Feel it take hold. Let it flow through, but not consume you.

Another apparition of a Warlock looking skyward appears

Ikora: You are a conduit. Between sky and earth. Electricity and matter. Life and death. You are a weapon. You must have harmony within to be a hurricane without.

In a little hollow, an apparition of Gu'urc, Venom of Oryx appears

Ikora: Yours will be a difficult path - jagged, like lightning itself. It is only the few who have power to call down the storm. I've not often seen this talent from one so young. I always knew that you were different, but I never understood my unease. I'm afraid there is little left that I can teach you.

As the Guardian turns away, Ghost detects incoming enemies

Ghost: Hey, we've got company!

They fight through the enemies and jump through another portal

Ghost: Over there. Another projection.

An apparition of a Warlock, reaching out appears just down the hill

Ikora: "Quiet", said the Voidwalkers. "Louder", said the Sunsingers. I tried to heed them both. When I felt anger, I smothered it with shame; when I felt peaceful, I drowned it in guilt. And in so doing, disappointed everyone. Then came the hurricane. First the rage, and then, the eye. And I realised I need not choose between the calm and the storm. Indeed, to have either, I must be both.

As they walk along the path, another apparition appears of a Warlock summoning their Stormtrance

Ikora: Deep breath. Exhale. Faintest breeze. In, out, a spark on the wind. Inhale. Hold it. The air inside you is still. Quiet. A positive charge. A cloudless sky. Now exhale all at once- aaaaah! A peal of thunder. Electric potential. A charge in the air. Breathe in deep Ozone burns your lungs. Hold it. With your next exhale comes the lightning. Hold it. Hold it. Now!

A final apparition appears, of a Warlock mid Stormtrance

Unknown: I close my eyes and open my mouth. A breath. A storm. A song. I blow a kiss for good luck on my Arcbolt Grenade and launch it at my foes. I launch a Thunderstrike and rain destruction from a distance. I call down a Stormtrance and sing my body electric. Second verse: Perun in shadow clad, behind the shield/ through cleansing fire our hiding foes revealed.

(Unknown speaker could be Skorri)

Pushing forward on the path, Ghost spots the Shard

Ghost: There's the Shard. Wait. Did you hear that? Taken, inbound!

The Guardian fights their way to vanquish all the Taken that appear

Ghost: That Shard must have a little light left to give.

The Guardian approaches the shard, reaching out to be filled with Light and becoming a Stormcaller

Ghost: Lets show the Taken what you've learned.

The Guardian fights though waves of Taken, using their new Stormtrance to decimate them as they keep coming

Ghost: The Taken will do anything to stop us from leaving.

The Guardian battles and triumphs over Gu'urc, Venom of Oryx

Ghost: Whew. Nicely done. Lets get out of here. I'm ready for a change of scenery.

A portal appears, teleporting the Guardian and Ghost back to The Sludge, European Dead Zone

Ghost: I don't know what the Traveler keeps choosing to grant us its powers. there must be others like us out there, fighting for what's right.

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