The Lost Splicer: Eliksni Quarter

Botza Ruins, Botza District, The Last City

After evacuating Eliksni refugees from Europa, the Guardian rendezvouses with Osiris and Lakshmi-2 to welcome Mithrax and the House of Light into the Last City.

Mithrax: My people shelter beneath the Great Machine… This is beyond simple generosity. I must thank Ikora for her gift.

Lakshmi-2: This sanctuary is not granted by Ikora alone, but by all who live in the Last City.

Osiris: Yes, and on their behalf, let me extend a welcome. I am Osiris, and this is Lakshmi-2, Future War Cult leader and City representative.

Mithrax: My greatest appreciations to you both. The House of Light thanks you.

Mithrax bows towards Osiris and Lakshmi-2.

Lakshmi-2: You House can best show gratitude by keeping to itself. I know your assistance with the Vex will benefit us all, but not everyone in the City is so open-minded. You appear to be settling in. I will leave you to it.

Osiris: If you require further help from us, you must only ask.

Mithrax: I shall. There are several modifications we will need for stable Ether production.

Lakshmi-2: Submit a proposal to Ikora. She seems willing to get you anything you need. I must return to the people in the City.

Lakshmi-2 turns away from Mithrax and Osiris.

Lakshmi-2: Future War Cult has foreseen great misery for them in the days ahead, and they will need an advocate.

Lakshmi-2 looks at Osiris.

Lakshmi-2: I often forget how highly those in the Tower have placed themselves. The air is thin there. Best not to breathe too much of it.

Lakshmi-2 transmats out of the area. Mithrax turns toward Osiris.

Osiris: You must understand, this situation is tense for us all. This encampment perches on the edge of decree and democracy. I hope your stay with us will be… uneventful.

Mithrax: As do I.

Osiris transmats out of the area.

Ghost Scans: Eliksni Quarter

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