The Ritual: Death of the Witch Queen

Sanctum of the Brood Queen, Savathûn's Throne World

The Ritual

Savathûn falls to the ground after her battle with the Guardian.

Savathûn: Isn't this interesting? I miscalculated. So did you, Guardian. So protective of your Traveler... that you wouldn't let me keep it safe. But the Witness is coming. The game is yours to play now. Yours to win... or lose. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Savathûn dies. Immaru looks over her body. The Traveler escapes the throne world. Immaru disappears in a flash of Light.

Ghost: No... Where did her Ghost go?

Ikora Rey: Guardian! I just got the message: the Traveler is back in the Last City. Is it done? Is Savathûn... ?

The Guardian: She's dead. But her Ghost got away.

Ikora Rey: Good enough. Hold your position. The Hidden are coming to secure the remains. Good work, Guardian. You did the right thing.

Ghost: Now what?

The Guardian: Now... we prepare for the Witness and stop the next Collapse.


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