The Shadow Thief

Ocean of Storms, Moon

Variks: Taniks has no House. He kneels before no banner, owes allegiance to no Kell. He is a murderer, and very good at what he does.

I have been tracking him since Wolves broke their chains, yes? Now Taniks works for Wolf pack…but not for long.

Fireteam arrive at the Temple of Crota

Variks: Taniks has been sent to plunder the Hive. Your job just as simple. Avenge the dead. Stop him from stealing the Dark.

Fireteam proceed through the Temple, fighting Hive & Fallen

Variks: Watch yourself. Taniks is no common mercenary. He fights to fulfil a contract and hone his combat skill for…fun.

Fireteam proceeds to Dusk Warren

Variks: Lift field distortion! Ketch just above you.

Fireteam surrounded by Fallen, Taniks appears

Fallen Chatter

Variks: Taniks has called you out, Guardian. You are challenged, in the ways of old.

Fireteam board Ketch

Variks: Taniks is jamming our comms. Fight well, Guardian. Fight for honour.

Fireteam fight Fallen in Traitor's Ketch

Fallen Chatter

Wolf Walker destroyed

Fallen chatter

Taniks retreats

Taniks defeated

Variks: Notorious mercenary dead. No small matter. You will be rewarded treasure from the Queen. And my respect, as well.

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