The Glassway

Asterion Abyss, Europa

The Guardian returns to Europa and pushes towards the Nexus pushing through House Salvation's defenses to reach the Vex portal. The Guardian witness Eramis's Ketch at the top of the Glassway.

Ghost: Variks, we're here. Heading in after Eramis now.

Variks: The portal within. It was built in your Golden Age to study Vex. But Vex escaped. Murdered many. You must hurry. Devastation is all we face if Eramis opens that portal.

Ghost: We're on it.

Nexus, Europa

The Guardian discovers Fallen Skiffs deploying Fallen soldiers in the Nexus.

Eramis: Hello, pawn. It's no surprise to find you here.

Variks: Eramis, you must not do this! Do you not care for our people?

Eramis: Far more than you know, traitor.

The Guardian defeats the Fallen and disables a barrier, moving deeper into the Nexus.

Eramis: Tell me, Variks. Was it not you that tortured and murdered Eliksni in the Prison of Elders?

Variks: Variks is —

Eramis: A hypocrite? Yes. At least here they die for a cause.

Warrior's Enforcer appears. The Guardian defeats Warrior's Enforcer and disables another Fallen barrier.

Variks: You are a monster if you do this.

Eramis: I'm no monster. What I do, I do for the future of our people.

Variks: Open that portal, and you kill them all!

Eramis: Many will die, yes. But more shall live.

Technocrat's Assistant appears. The Guardian defeats Technocrat's Assistant and disabled another Fallen barrier.

Eramis: Our world died, Variks. Do you recall? We were absolutely powerless to stop it. I tried everything to put it behind me. To move on. But in my head, I could not silence the collective cries of our injured and dying. But then… Darkness presented itself. And I took it. Finally, Variks — finally, I felt I could do something. So go ahead. Call me a monster. But do not doubt that what I do, I do for the future of our people.

Glassway, Europa

The Guardian fights through more Fallen defenses and begins draining the Radiolarian Fluid to unlock the path forward.

Eramis: Believing all this, the desperate plan of a Kell gone mad, rather than a step towards absolution. Let's call it justice. For spilling the blood of worthy Eliksni and taking what was rightfully mine.

Variks: [wheezes] Eramis has always been brash, but this… [insect-like chattering] is different. The Darkness pervades her mind and spirit.

Ghost: We'll stop her, Variks. We have to.

The Guardian traverses the pit and reaches the Vex portal.

Eramis: Poor foolish pawn. This time, I made you into one of my own.

Eramis, Kell of Darkness appears. Eramis retreats and transmats into a Skiff and flees the area.

Ghost: There she is!

Eramis: Unfortunately, you're too late. I'll just have to eviscerate you another day. If you make it out alive.

The Vex portal activates. Transcendent Hydra arrives. Belmon, Transcendent Mind also arrives followed by Vex reinforcements.

Ghost: The portal — it's on!

The Guardian prevents Belmon and Transcendent Hydra's invasion as they take to the Void. The Guardian defeats Belmon, Transcendent Mind and Transcendent Hydra. The Radiolarian Fluid in front of the Vex Portal is drained.

Ghost: Wait — where is all that radiolarian fluid going?

Variks: Eramis… what have you done?

Before returning to the Exo Stranger, Variks tells the Guardian of the Eliksni homeworld, Riis, and how the Whirlwind affected the Eliksni.

Variks: Ours was a world of prosperity and peace. Not unlike your Golden Age. We worshipped the Great Machine. But fate intervened. With it, came a whirlwind of destruction. In the chaos, the Great Machine fled… abandoning us all. Eramis, like most, was consumed by rage. In the wake of loss, Eramis rebuilt a life. Found new family, one forged from anger.

Eramis's new family depicts her four lieutenants — Phylaks, Praksis, Kridis, and Atraks — as well as Taniks.

Variks: Eramis saw only destruction of that which abandoned us. Variks fears for Eliksni lives. At the command of Eramis, they will meet their end. We all do. We must all make choices. Eramis chose herself over her people. If Eramis is to succeed, the Great Machine and all who follow it… will meet their end. In Darkness, there is only one truth… death.

Nexus, Europa

After defeating all of the Vex from the Vex Portal at the Glassway, the Guardian receives a transmission from Eramis.

Eramis: Oh, pawn. In another life, we may have been allies. But instead, you put us at odds. So I have no choice but to use Darkness to rip, shred, and tear through every single one of your kind.

Ghost: We won't let you!

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