The Warrior: Prove Yourself to Phylaks

Eventide Ruins, Europa

Ghost: Looking at her Vanguard report, I can see how Eramis would be a fierce opponent. But from what we've seen… Even her own lieutenants fear her! It's hard to square that with what Variks told us — that she had good intentions once. That scares me. That Darkness could change a person that much without them noticing…

The Guardian collects intel on Phylaks from Fallen soldiers patrolling the Fallen City.

Front Lines 2

Asterion Abyss, Europa

Ghost: These are the coordinates I picked up on the radio. Phylaks has troops patrolling this area.

The Guardian draws out Phylaks by defeating House Salvation platoons patrolling the area.


After defeating multiple platoons, a high-ranking House Salvation officer arrives. Two Fallen Skiffs deploy Brigs. The Guardian destroys the Brigs. Another Fallen Skiff descends and Elenaks, Salvation Elite appears. The Guardian defeats Elenaks, Salvation Elite.

Phylaks: Machine-spawn! I admire your thirst for the fight. Come and find me.

Ghost: She's… transmitting her location to us. Looks like we won ourselves an invitation.

Decisive Victory

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