Wayfinder's Voyage I: Speak with Ikora Rey

Speak with Ikora

Bazaar, The Tower

The Guardian approaches Ikora Rey.

Ikora Rey: This is my fault. I invited her in. I convinced Zavala that we needed Osiris by our side. A dark pit looked back every time I met his eyes, and I told myself it was his grief. Savathûn knew she could use that. The City is the last place Xivu Arath would have searched for her. Now, Saint is tearing the system apart, looking for the real Osiris. You and Crow will need to take point with the Awoken. I don't like it, but he wants to help, and he's earned some trust. It's his decision. We're in a downpour of revelation. I've been trying to analyze every drop of information, as if I could isolate them before they're washed away. There's so much I need to reevaluate. So much I need to do. Interrogate the Witch Queen while we have a captive audience. Our enemies often flirt with arrogance when they believe they've won. See if she'll let her true intentions slip.

Ikora Rey — Wayfinder's Voyage

Shifting of the Ley Lines

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