We Stand Unbroken V: Speak with Zavala

Zavala: We've all died countless deaths. But we still only feel loss from the outside in. Holliday… She died doing what was necessary to protect the people of the City. She didn't do it out of obligation or circumstance. She knew it had to be done… and she believed in it to the end. She had one life… and she used it to save us. She set an example for us all. I… [exhales] I don't know what else to say. Amanda… I would give my Light, my last life, if it would bring her back. I’ve begged before. It’s a false hope. A lie. At every loss, the Traveler is silent. Each path I take leads me to a grave. Cayde. Safiyah. …Hakim. I failed them all. I love you, Amanda. I am so proud of you. Forgive me.

We Stand Unbroken IV: Briefing from Amanda Holliday

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We Stand Unbroken V: Speak with Mara Sov

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